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Quantitative analytical equipment

Particle Size Analyzer


Mastersizer 2000 by Mavern

Determines particle size distribution, applied to mineral (e.g. cement) as well as polymer particles.

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)


TG209 F3 Tarsus by Netzsch

Measures quantitatively mass change in materials associated with thermal degradation.

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


UV-1650 PC by Shimadzu

Is a precise, accurate and quantitative determination of different analytes in construction chemistry and environment science (e.g. water quality).

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy


ICP-OES Ciros Vision by Spectro

Measures quantitatively elements in analytes, even trace elements can be detected.

Total Organic Carbon analyzer


TOC-L, model TNM-L by Shimadzu

Enables high sensitive and not specific quantitative measurement of organic carbon in analytes (e.g. adsorption of superplasticizer on mineral surface).

Vicat intending


Toni Technik ToniSet by Zwick Roell

Determines the beginning and end of solidification.

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