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Equipment for material preparation

Sieve tower


By diverse companies like Retsch, Haver Eml 200 digital T von der Firma Haver und Boecker

Through different sieves of various size, aggregates can be categorised by their size and their grading curve can be identified.

Pan granulator


APA03 by Erweka

The agglomeration of finely distributed material will be applied to improve the transport and processing properties of the granulates.


Mortar grinder


pulverisette 2 by Firma Fritsch

The mortar grinder prepares solids to achieve a specific grinding fineness to analyse the sample. In this process a solid can be grinded down to 10-20 µm.

Ball mill


by MLW

Through the clash of small balls, the sample will be crushed and step by step ground.

Disc mill


There are two discs in the mill, one a ring profile and the other a circle profile. Through rotation, friction and compression the sample will be milled up to a size of 10 μm.


Concrete mixer


Diverse: Zwangsmischer ZM 100, Laborzwangsmischer LZ 35 von der Firma UEZ, Zyklos ZZ 50 HE von der Firma Pemat, ...

Produces concrete from its different components. There are different mixers available with capacities of 30 l, 60 l, 80 l, 100 l and 125 l.

Vacuum mixer


by Eirich

This intensive mixer is often used for concrete with special properties, e.g. UHPC.

Bucket mixer


by Beckel Baustofftechnik

This mixer can produce smaller amounts of concrete (especially high-performance and self-compacting concrete) or mortar.

Mortar mixer


Diverse, e.g. by Zwick Roell, Hobart, ...

Mixes the different components to a mortar system.

Sawing & grinding machines

Flat grinding machine


MPS 2 120 by Firma G&N

The high precision flat grinding machine is used for hard metal, cutting ceramic, quartz and ferrite.

Circular saw


by Steinadler

This saw cuts sample with an high precision and is able to procress great surfaces as a table circular saw.

Laboratory milling machine


Laborfräse SKF by Schindler

This milling machine is used for sample preperation.

Surface grinding machine


by Strassentest

The sample is cut by two cutter heads and the maschine is cooled by water.

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