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Sustainable building and environmental friendly construction materials

  • Testing and researching of inorganic binder for concrete, mortar and construction chemicals.
  • Chracterization of construction with respect to production and ecology.
  • Influence of building materials on the environment; air, water, soil.

Multifunctional building materials

  • Surface treated building materials, such as photocatalytic active materials and studying their applications.
  • “Smart” construction materials which are sensitive to environmental conditions such as self-healing of concrete or controlling the product properties via temperature.
  • Application of nano-materials in civil engineering and construction industry in order to adjust the rheological properties and reactivity of the building materials.
  • Interaction between inorganic fine materials and chemical admixture (additive).
  • Methods to avoid damage mechanism in construction materials.

    Current research topics

      • Synthesis, characterisation, and application of nanoparticles, photocatalysts and photocatalytically modified composite materials
      • Nucleation seeding in cementitious system
      • Chemical and rheological characteristics of bitumen and its change induced by the ageing of bitumen
      • Special concrete for thermal energy storage
      • Studying the effects of a clay mineral (glauconite based) powder in the fresh and hardened properties of mortar and concrete
      • Impact of Building Materials on the environment
      • Leaching of environmentally relevant substances of Building Materials
      • Interaction between Vinylacetate ethylene (VAE) copolymer dispersions with polyvinyl alcohol as protective colloid and Portland cement
      • Film formation of VAE polymer dispersions in Portland cement and their physical/chemical interaction
      • Chemical and rheological properties of bitumen and its changes resulting from ageing

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